This tax season ensures that people will be compliant in paying their tax obligations. In the event that you notice you owe more in taxes than you currently pay, do not be frustrated, because negotiating back taxes with the IRS is always possible. As a matter of fact, there are many ways to negotiate taxes with the IRS. To help you get started, do the following:

  • Be on time in filing your taxes. You should not ignore the importance of filing within the deadline to avoid fees and interest. Even if you can’t afford to pay your tax due in full, it is still a must to at least settle what you can within the deadline.
  • Be proactive with your tax payments. The IRS, although they appear to be strict, are actually flexible and can work with you. Pay a portion of the amount due to reduce your total tax liability. Paying a small amount is better than not paying at all.
  • Work on a payment agreement. If you know that you are not capable of paying your tax liability in full, you need to start working with the IRS to be able to come up with a payment arrangement agreement. Figure out the best plan of action to pay your tax obligation.

Just because the IRS is heavy-handed in terms of tax obligations does not necessarily mean that it is heartless. It is always open to the personal circumstances of taxpayers. You just need to show the IRS your willingness to pay your taxes even if you can’t pay in full or pay on time. Explain to the IRS everything that hinders you from making a payment and let them understand your side. Once you are able to air your side, they will help come up with the best solutions.

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